MCS Medical Cleaning Station

The Static Clean MCS-Medical Cleaning Station is an excellent contamination control tool designed to improve yields by reducing rework. The flush mounted Vac Hood, which incorporates shockless static control bars and stainless steel compressed air tubes, removes dirt particles and conveys them to a filtered dust collector. No more blowing particulate around the manufacturing environment or cleanroom causing re-contamination, which is the problem experienced when using air guns, nozzles and other air devices that do not provide a means of source capturing the dislodged contamination.

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Basic Bench MCS Medical Cleaning Station

Static Clean MBCH15SS Hood Assembly (affixed in a slot in the center (or other location) of the work surface)  consists of:

  • 1 Stainless Steel 15″ Vac Hood
  • 2 stainless steel air tubes
  • 2 Static Clean BR2200 “shockless” static bars
  • 1 TSN70 Power Supply
  • Mounting brackets and inlet slide valve

MCS Options:

  • 2nd Static Clean 15″ Stainless Steel WebVac Hood mounted above first for simultaneous top and bottom cleaning
  • Linear Height Adjustment Crank
  • Rail Bins
  • Laminar Flow Station w/ HEPA Filter and 40 mil vinyl ESD curtains
  • Laminar Flow Ionization (for full station ionization)

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  • 30″ deep x 4′, 5′, 6′ long x 37″ – 49″ high Work Bench
  • Hydraulic height adjustment for ease of use
  • Plastic laminate work surface for fast cleaning
  • Locking swivel casters for portability
  • Mounting rail positioned across the backside of the bench; Includes the Following:
  •           1. 125 volt / 15 amp power strip with switch; circuit breaker
  •           2. Compressed air filter/regulator gauge knobs mounted along the back rails for customer convenience and to change PSI pressure if required  (top and bottom air tube control)
  • VQM5003H 300CFM Collector with HEPA; 3/4HP, 115/230/60/1 TEFC Motor; 300 CFM @ 3.75″ SP, only 28″ high with 30 sq. ft. of cotton sateen filter @ 99.9 % efficient by weight
  • 2 Compressed air filter / regulator with 0.03 micron coalescing filter


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