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Featured Static Products

Featured Cleaning Products

Featured Static Products

4103 Ionizing Bar

4203 Ionizing Bar

Hurricane 300 Ionizing
Air Blower

IonFix 20kv Static

Featured Cleaning Products

Automated Medical
Cleaning Station

Particle Trap Cube


2 Sided Web Cleaner
(Clam Shell Design)

A Few Words about Static Clean

Static Clean International (SCI) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Static Control and Particle Source Capture Systems in North America and across the globe. Our roots date back to 1973, where its founders were the first U.S. company to offer a complete line of static control products.  Static Clean offers state-of-the-art equipment with superb customer service and technical support. We serve the Electronics, Industrial and Medical Device markets. Our product line consists of Static Neutralizing and Static Generating Systems including Ionizing Bars, Ionizing Blowers, Ionizing Guns, Power Units and Static Generators with various Applicators. For the Medical Device industry, SCI offers all the above plus a full line of Particle Trap® Systems including the Particle Trap® 6000 (PT6000), the Particle Trap® Cube (PT-CUBE), Medical Cleaning Systems, HEPA Clean Chambers and Medical WebVACS. Our goal is to help reduce costs, improve operations and increase quality.

Years Serving Medical & Industrial Customers

Static Clean Technical Information

Particle Size, Particle Retention & Process Practicality

Particle Size, Particle Retention & Process Practicality

Particle collection efficiency by a filtration device usually brings a common question. What is the ISO number that is associated with HEPA filters used in the Static Clean Particle Trap® series products? A recent request from a customer asked this exact question. Our...

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Static Clean News

Static Clean International (SCI) is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Static and Contamination Control Products in North America and around the globe.


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